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After long and painfull hardware and firmware troubleshooting fight with our first commercial device SMCprog V2, hundreds of error reports from angry but understanding customers, we have completely re-designed our programming device. 

SMC, EFI BIOS, SSD controller programming. Easy operation of programming allows to perform chip programming much faster without a need of searching firmwares or donor boards with the same firmware. EFI BIOS chip programming allows to perform correct chip programming with an entry of original Serial Number. All SMC, EFI BIOS and SSD micro-controller firmwares are stored in internal memory. SMCprog V3 is able to restore firmware of an SSD that is not recognized by the system. Restore process takes almost no efforts - no more wire soldering as was with V2.

Apple battery controller reset. Reset all the information about battery condition that is stored in controllers memory(except Serial Number). It allows to change one or several cells of the battery and restore its ability to take a full charge. Also reset of the battery can extend battery life for up to 400-500 charging cycles(only in case that battery is in working condition and without short circuit). This function works only with OEM Apple batteries.

T2 compatibility check bypass and EFI unlock. While Apple decided to hardcode compatibility check in their devices to prevent unauthorised repairs and use of cheaper third-party spare parts, we made a step ahead and developed a patch that creates a rule and bypasses compatibility checks. Aswell SMCprog V3 is able to remove EFI locks, MDM profiles and much more.

Diagnostic functions. We have equipped our device with many useful diagnostic functions, such as battery tester, LCD screen tester, charger tester and USB power meter. All you need to do is connect screen, battery, charger or logic board to SMCprog using an appropriate accessory and result will not be long in coming.

USB flash drive function. How many times you searched for correct OS or at least tried to find your "lost" bootable flash drive? With SMCprog you won't need them any more. Activate USB Flash Drive mode, choose necessary Mac OS version, connect SMCprog to the Macbook using USB cable, turn your Macbook on and begin installation process - that's it! SMCprog V3 is equipped with 250GB internal SSD drive pre-loaded with all necessary firmwares and software.

Internal battery. To protect writing process from interruption in case of disconnection from the mains SMCprog V3 has built-in battery which is being charged while the unit is plugged in. Compared to V2, SMCprog V3 is equipped with a much more powerful battery which acts as a stable power source(not only as reserve to complete launched task).

SMCprog V3 features:

- CNC-machined 6061 Aluminum alloy housing
- SMC chip programming(on-board or chip only; all firmwares are preloaded)
- EFI BIOS chip programming(on-board or chip only; all firmwares are preloaded)
- Apple SSD, Samsung SSD, Intel SSD, Intenso SSD and Kingston SSD micro-controller firmware restore(on-board; all firmwares are preloaded)
- T2 compatibility check bypass rule patcher
- EFI password unlocking for models with T2 chip
- Macbook battery reset function
- Macbook LCD tester
- Apple charger tester(voltage test and test under load)
- USB type-C/USB 3.0 power meter function
- 250GB internal storage for firmwares and software
- USB flash drive function with preloaded operating systems from 10.7.5 to 10.15.5
- Internal 8350mAh battery

SMCprog V3 compatibility:

- SMCprog V3 is compatible with all Apple Macbook models from 2010 till 2019


All devices and accessories are covered with 24-Month warranty period, 30-days money back guarantee if not satisfied and lifetime free support.

Due to small production batches, high production costs and difficulty of production, SMCprog V3 devices are available only on pre-order basis. Current batch is limited to 200 devices. Pre-order end date August 10th, 2020. Shipping of orders will begin at September 1st, 2020.


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